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We provide hosted
Cloud Solutions

Email & PABX Hosting

We’re committed to providing solutions that enhance communication, providing fast response to your customers and suppliers globally.

Web Hosting & Design

We’re committed to providing 24/7, reliable and secure accessibility and building sustainable and high-quality PHP solutions.

Microsoft Solutions

We’re committed to providing solutions to increase productivity, help you to accomplish your priorities, and overcome technology challenges.

Anti-Virus Solutions

We’re committed to securing your infrastructure and keep your data safe from phishing and unlawful access.

Enhanced Productivity

Software as a Service ensures "always on" availability. Virtual and hosted PABX solutions enhances it to being "always reachable".

Work from Anywhere

Whether at the office or at home, uninterrupted workflow, team collaboration and file sharing. Total flexibility and scalability with VOIP solutions.

Reduced Costs

Concentrate on growing your business locally or globally, while enjoying the benefit of lower maintenance and infrastructure costs.

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We streamline your
business process

Project Group will provide a free assessment of your infrastructure needs, to help streamline your technology and production processes.

While integrating the best solution for your company, whether on-premise file sharing, email and accounting, or cloud-based solutions for the same; Project Group will ensure that the best solution is implemented to reduce overall costs.

Project Group will ensure a seamless transition to the new infrastructure, ensuring that data integrity is preserved and providing as little business interruption as possible.